Monday, November 4, 2013

Dunwoody Completes 5th Mile of Sidewalk Paving

For Immediate Release from the City of Dunwoody:

The City of Dunwoody celebrates another infrastructure and paving milestone with the completion of the city’s 5th mile of sidewalk paving. The city will host a commemoration and ribbon cutting event on Thursday, November 7 at 10:00 a.m. at the corner of West Fontainebleau Court and Happy Hollow Road in Dunwoody to observe the sidewalk paving landmark.

Work continues on several critical sidewalk projects as part of the city’s sidewalk improvement plan created to provide an objective process to prioritize the city’s sidewalk projects. The city has identified over 21 miles of future sidewalk improvements and 87 future ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps.

Following the completion of this year’s sidewalk construction, the City will have invested nearly $1,000,000 and completed roughly 5.4 miles of new sidewalk infrastructure since 2009, making Dunwoody a safer, healthier, and more enjoyable community for all. This has been accomplished in a relatively short timeframe with no tax increases and no need to borrow money.

The city continues its commitment to maintain and improve its roads by investing over $2,000,000 in paving this year which is more than 40 percent of the city’s entire 2013 capital budget. Since 2009, including this year’s investments, the city has spent more than $6,500,000 paving the city’s estimated 306 total lane miles of roads in Dunwoody.

And constituents thank Doug Thompson for his dedication in making this happen!

Endorsements are Piling up!

I'm Just Sayin'
For District 3 - Doug Thompson - like Deny, I've not always agreed with Doug's decisions on a few votes.  However, I respect Doug's consistent approach to examining each issue, his knowledge of governmental operations and law, as well as his ability to remove emotion from the process and judge each issue on its' merits.

Dunwoody Working Girl
 Doug is another one who actually considers the opinion of constituents who approach him with a question or a problem.  God knows, he's had to deal with me in his face more than once if I didn't understand a decision or had a concern that I wanted considered.  (Better in person than here on the blog, right Doug?)  Doug (along with Heyward) was one who took the time to answer the questions I posted as the campaign began.  He is also the one who proposed tax cuts for the citizenry as the city began to operate with a surplus.  In District 3, Doug's seat isn't broken.  There isn't a need to fix it. 

From Sam Portis
I am usually the kind of guy that will not voice my opinion unless asked, and believe it is better to let your actions speak for your words, I was fortunate to learn this from an early age from my Father. But I think this is just too important to let pass, I must speak up, I am passionate about this city and would ask you to just look at one thing at the upcoming election.

I go back to what my father taught me, make every action count and let those actions speak for you, have respect and honor for others, be truthful, be positive and treat others as you would want to be treated. With that said I look at these two candidates for council (Heyward Westcott and Doug Thompson), These two men have given countless hours of their time back to their community in more ways than you can imagine, they have done it with respect and honor, truthfulness, and a positive attitude, and treated others in a manner they would want to be treated. They showed that in the past few months in their campaigns and their past history shows it. So please, dig deep and look at all the candidates and you will see who is best for Dunwoody.  

Dunwoody Talk Blog
We support Doug Thompson for Dunwoody city council.  It's our belief that he is the best choice going forward the next four years.

Dunwoody USA
 Roosevelt was talking about Denny Shortal, Doug Thompson and Heyward Wescott.  For they have been, without fanfare, the "doer of deeds."   

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Douglas Thompson Recommended by A Better Dunwoody

All their picks.

District 3 - Doug Thompson (incumbent) will get our vote on Tuesday.  At the DHA forum we were delighted with his understanding and commitment to District 3 issues.  His candor about city issues  helped provide some insight to decisions made over the past few years.  The loudest applause at the forum was Doug's closing statement when he said, "I don't understand when people try to tear this city down."  He almost had a standing ovation for that statement.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Young Families of Dunwoody - City Council Q&A Session

Sunday, October 27th, 2013
Kingsley Swim and Racquet Club – Club House

2325 N Peachtree Way, Dunwoody, GA 30338
Doors open at 6:40pm, Question Submissions Taken Until 7pm

Are you a young family raising your children here in the city of Dunwoody? Do you find yourself commenting on things that you love and brainstorming directions you would like to see our city go? Perhaps you have questions about the future of schools, park systems, ball fields, walk-able cities, street safety, city aesthetics, commutability, and more…

Come join your fellow Dunwoody families at the City Council Candidate Q&A Session. Meet the candidates and take the opportunity to ask them questions about things that are most meaningful to you and your family.

This event is meant to be positive, vision-based, and forward thinking. Its intent is to highlight the questions families have about our city's future and the positive and actionable steps the candidates, if elected, would take to address these questions and concerns.

Families Ask the Questions & The Candidates Share Their Answers

  • Coverage by the Dunwoody Crier
  • Special guest: State Legislator and Dunwoody resident, Tom Taylor
  • Moderator: Kathy Howe 
  • All city council candidates from all three districts have been invited to attend the event

Supported by Young Families of Dunwoody:

Shawn and Ben Bard, Dona and Gabriel Cardenas, Erika and Laurence Harris, Amy and Scott Hatmaker, Nancy and Stan Jester, Lyndsey and Richard Pearson, Audra and Ben Weiss, Bridgette and Aaron Uhde, Jennifer Westrick, KaLyn Davis and Evan Wetstone

Find “Young Families of Dunwoody” on Face Book for event information.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Statements on Sustainablility on Sustainable Pattie's Blog

Doug Thompson and Heyward Wescott responded to Sustainable Pattie's request for statements on "a wide range of topics relating to sustainability." You can find them here. Doug's also follows:

Thank you for your interest and your concern for a sustainable future for Dunwoody.

I too have a concern for our children’s future for Dunwoody.  After all – how we can meet our current needs while considering the future of our children and our children’s children is at the heart of what it means to create a sustainable city. Here are my platforms regarding triple-bottom line to create a sustainable Dunwoody.

Greenspace and Parks:

My support for Dunwoody greenspaces is unequivocal.

Dunwoody is adding three parks in the Georgetown area.  Children, the elderly and families need places to safely enjoy outdoor spaces that create community; to bring us together as a community, not keep us apart. Greenspaces should be created such that people from all walks of life should be able to utilize and enjoy them. Greenspaces are an economic driver because they boost property values and encourage families to put down roots and invest in a future in Dunwoody. Greenspaces, parks and sidewalks allow us to create opportunities for Dunwoody citizens to be active, to combat the rising public health costs of a sedentary lifestyle such as obesity and cardiovascular disease. As an avid gardener myself, I appreciate the efforts of the community garden to allow our community to grow safe and healthy food while helping our children to be become food literate citizens.


I believe that change should be local. We can, and should be, the best advocates and champions for our children’s education.  We parents, community leaders, and citizens have the ability to work together to build the best school system for our children.

City Infrastructure – zoning, codes & roads:

I believe in investing in our local infrastructure to build a sustainable Dunwoody. Let’s fix and pave our roads – this will provide a solid infrastructure for business and communities to thrive in our city. Let’s maintain reasonable levels of zoning and building codes to protect the character and quality of our single-family residential neighborhoods, one of Dunwoody’s strongest assets. We have a beautiful city – we should do what we can to preserve and enhance it for generations to come.

Friday, October 11, 2013

DougThompson for District 3, Post 3

Article in the Reporter Newspapers

Meet your candidates: Dunwoody Council District 3, Post 3

Why should the voters choose you?

Because I will continue to focus on the issues that have the greatest impact on the quality of life/property values in Dunwoody:

  • Schools: I support a Dunwoody School System
  • Roads: Continue the pace of paving in Dunwoody
  • Sidewalks: Install more for a safe, family-friendly Dunwoody
  • Zoning: Protect Dunwoody’s residential character
  • Codes: Protect property values and community-feel
  • Police: Continue to support Dunwoody Police Department
  • Parks: Continue to improve all Dunwoody parks
  • Taxes: Keep taxes low. No tax increases without a vote
  • Local Business: Create an environment for businesses to thrive